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Fetid Adder's Tongue

Fetid Adder's Tongue

(Scoliopus Bigleovii))

“From the Greek, scolios, bent or crooked, and pous, foot, because of the long, crooked flower. The specific name refers to John M Bigelow, botanist on the Pacific Railroad Survey under Lieutenant A. W. Whipple. In 1854 he made collecting trips to Marin County. The plant has noticeable broad, brown-spotted leaves two to four inches long. The flowers are one-half inch across, greenish striped with purple, on long stems which twist with age and turn downward when seeds are maturing.”

Lilian McHoul, Celia Elke, The Wildflowers of Marin, 1979

High-Quality Giclée Print: $45, plus shipping and handling. Measures 6 x 11 inches (4.5" x 9.5" print, plus .75" white border).