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(Actaea rubra)

As the name suggests, the fruits are listed as toxic to humans in Jepson's Vascular Plants of California. However, in Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West, herbalist Michael Moore points out the roots serve as both a local analgesic and, when taken internally as a tincture, "as an anti -inflammatory, peripheral vasodilator and antispasmodic and sedative." More to the point for most of us is horticulturist Marjorie Schmidt's comment in Growing California Native Plants, "Few native perennials are more valuable for a shady situation than the Baneberry...the glossy, brilliant red berries are ripe by late July."

High-Quality Giclée Print: $45, plus shipping and handling. Measures 6 x 11 inches (4.5" x 9.5" print, plus .75" white border).