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mountain dogwood

Mountain Dogwood

(Cornus nuttallii)

"Our large flowered Dogwood, much handsomer than its Eastern cousins, reaches its maximum size in Oregon and Washington, where, in the season of blossoming, it is a sight never to be forgotten. Its masses of large white flowers, like single Cherokee roses, contrast finely with the deep, rich greens of the fir forests in which it often grows. In its northern range, its leaves turn beautifully, and it becomes one of the most brilliant masqueraders in the autumn pageant."

Willis Linn Jepson Trees, Shrubs and Flowers of the Redwood Region, 1934

High-Quality Giclée Print: $45, plus shipping and handling. Measures 6 x 11 inches (4.5" x 9.5" print, plus .75" white border).